Other Services

Supportive Homecare

We also offer service for individuals who live in the community outside our agency. We also can apply this service at an extra charge to those who live in one of our homes as it provides extra services at a 1:1. This service will provide opportunities for the individuals to access the community or receive care within their homes. Areas of focus will be enriched community involvement via shopping, banking, job searching, job placement and supervision or other community involvement that is deemed necessary as authorized by the individual, guardian and care manager. This service will give all the necessary supports that the individual needs for health, medical, social, recreational, leisure, behavioral and activities of daily living. As always, we promote a more independent way of living along with enriched experiences.

***These services follow the same philosophies and mission that our residential adult family homes / CBRF’s adhere to in programming. The only difference is the environment in which it takes place. If additional information is needed for our other services, we can provide you with an informational packet.

Again, thank you for your time and if we can be of further assistance or would like additional information, please contact Kevin La Pointe at (920) 405-9010 or email klapointe@compassd.com.  If interested, we offer a tour of any of our homes.