About Compass Development

Compass Development was established in 1997 providing residential services in the Brown and Kewaunee County area. We offer other extended services that will meet the needs of those we serve. Compass Development serves individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illnesses and brain injuries. By utilizing our experience, resources, creativity and knowledge in a consistent, non-enabling and flexible manner, it allows those we serve to succeed. We see success when those we serve gain more independent and enriched lives. We also work diligently and cooperatively with all those involved in the individual’s life. This includes guardian, family members, social worker and medical professional. We will do whatever it takes to allow those we serve the opportunity to succeed and live more independently.

Moreover, Compass Development provides individuals with disabilities a programming approach that is consistent, resourceful, energetic and non-enabling. This approach will allow them to maximize their personal growth and potential while living in a family-like environment. We promote community involvement, normalized living, empowerment of choices, ownership of action and building of natural supports/networks. All programming that is conceptualized and implemented is catered to the needs of those we serve with the combined efforts of relevant others.

History / Philosophy

As previously mentioned, Compass Development was established in 1997 to provide the best quality service in a cost-effective manner. Compass Development’s vision is to offer a service for individuals with disabilities that is second to none and always keeps the needs of those we serve first. Seems very simple, but many agencies seem to stray with this area. Compass Development’s philosophies are predicated on the owner’s vision and involvement preventing us from straying from our programming approach. The programming that we provide is 100% flexible and unique as we teach with a real-life perspective. Our programming will always be developed through the collaborative efforts of all involved in the individual’s life and implemented with consistency, high-degree of energy and resourcefulness.
Quality community involvement for those we serve is essential and when Compass Development was established, it made this an area of focus. People with disabilities encounter many obstacles and barriers in their daily lives. Most of these are the result of our society having misinformation, little exposure or lack of information about individuals with disabilities. Compass Development realizes the importance of quality community involvement for both individuals with disabilities and the community. Community involvement will allow our individuals to feel connected to the community and at the same time educate the community about individuals with disabilities. The more the community understands or is exposed to individuals with disabilities, the more tolerant, understanding and accepting they will become. This will invariably reduce the barriers, obstacles and discrimination that our individuals sometimes encounter.

When Compass Development was created, the owners realized the importance of having all staff members, which includes all management, to be “hands-on” and involved with the daily lives of those we serve. All management is located within the homes, not is some commercial building across town or in a different city as so many agencies. Both resident and guardian benefit from this type of structure as it leads to better relationships and communication. Compass Development believes that this is the main downfall of larger agencies or improperly structured agencies. Our method of structuring has been successful and leads to better programming, less issues and
less staff turn-over. To know and work effectively with our individuals, it is imperative that all of us at Compass Development work with our residents on a daily basis. Success for the individuals can be greatly influences by the involvement of all staff members.

Ultimately, it is our design to have our individuals gain the highest level of independence while obtaining the necessary skills to achieve success. Compass Development will act as a gentle guidance to those we serve as they go down that path of greater independence and success. Now, you know what Compass Development means and why we chose it for the name of our agency. We will guide those we serve just like a compass and develop their skills so that they can realize success and live a more qualitative life.

Our ability to work with our individuals with a high-degree of energy and success has allowed Compass Development to grow in a controlled manner. Compass Development and our focus will always be the same—the individual comes first (1st). We will never be the biggest agency, just hopefully the best.

Mission of Compass Development

  • Expand the horizons and experiences of the individuals with disabilities
  • Facilitate the individuals in order for them to become more productive, independent, successful and life fulfilling elements of society
  • Normalize individuals with real-life experiences and expectations while promoting personal growth
  • Promote independency with our individuals residentially, vocationally and socially
  • Provide and promote natural supports and bridges via community involvement
  • Act as a compass in the gentle guidance, support and care for all individuals
  • Always consider the individuals as “individuals”
  • Accept and respect personal differences